I am Not Black, You are Not White.


(Please watch this empowering video first)


Kean University is filled with a rich history, while it has boasted several names and locations over the years since it was founded in 1855, some practices of the world still remain.  Diversity between race and culture has grown rapidly throughout our halls over the years and it is important to remember that “We are Kean”.

When Martin Luther King Jr. came to Kean he had a message not just for faculty, staff, and students, but for the world.  He wanted to convey a message for the now and future to observe how his leadership in non-violent protests against racism could help shape America toward a better tomorrow.  One of the many important points I took away from Dr. Kings words that day were: “…we achieved so much at this university but he would also say to us that the job is not done and [to] keep moving; and we have and we will do much more as time goes on,” said President Farahi.

Indeed the job is not done here at Kean and that is why I’m proud we will be providing a digital/walking tour of the campus with a focus on historical and non-historical black students, their trials and tribulations.  The BlacKeaning at Kean will highlight past accomplishments and failures in how we diversify our school from others, while highlighting our black community here on campus and in the past.

Kean honors Dr. King with a statue of his facial profile just outside the Nancy Thompson Library, front corner where the Garden is located outside along the Human Rights wing of the building.  In the past students have been encouraged to take “selfies” with the statue and post those to  accounts to share awareness of Dr. Kings message.  I’d like to encourage the same to our class to take a selfie,  posting  it on our blog or twitter feeds, and possibly use this location in our digital/walking tour to highlight.  I hope this helps us all become more inspired for this project that will serve as corner stone of Kean for years to come.




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