A Creation for a Lifetime

This tour will be about a group of people who have came along way from oppression to progressing. This event will go to the primary resources into to enrich the journey. We will see letters, newspapers and reports in which will help us gain a more of a fuller understanding of what specific set of students endured at the time of American historical events and functions. Giving this subject a new illumination like never before, we will now learn a past only one could understand through the eye witnesses of these historical events. Through the good and the bad, the Black community managed to succeed past their current typical expectation.

This tour will focus an 1 on 1 interviews to show live interaction with the community. Live interaction must play a role, therefore the tour will focus on images also to bring a sense of feeling to what must be depicted of the people. The transition form the Teachers College of New Jersey in 1855 to Kean University will show us the time line of success Blacks had on their campus community and the obstacle that laid before them. Letters, news report and much more with equals the mind and should of the Back community here at Kean. The archives at the school will be perfect for the research. Get ready, because a lot of interesting and probably frequent questions will be discussed about the failure and accomplishments within the Black community at Kean University.



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