Black student life at Kean through the years

As a class, this project will be a challenge but from this challenge will come a much needed narrative on how student life has been for Blacks throughout the history of the university we all attend. The reward at the end of this project will be showing current students and other people who are interested that Black students have and always will be a big contributing factor to life at Kean. With help from the archives this project will show the impact Black students have made at the university and continue to make.

Dorm life is one of the areas that my group will be focusing on, through research I hope to get into contact with some former students that lived on campus, possibly some Resident Advisors, to get their take on how race relations were during their time at Kean. This also goes for current students to give a broad picture of how things have changed over the years. Along with dorm life, community and social cohesion is another topic that will be explored possibly showing how the university effected the surrounding areas through the years. Lastly, student government is yet another topic for research and should be interesting to see how involved Black students were throughout the history of Kean in terms of issues addressed by the student leaders. Through research and talking with people I am excited to learn about the student aspects throughout the history of Kean, and how it relates to the Black experience at the university.


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