What is The BlacKeaning ?

The BlacKeaning Tour at Kean University is going to be a tour that is going to explore the contributes and the trails and tribulation that Afrcian Americans experience here at Kean University. In this tour you will see the history of African American students this tour we show the administration problems and the exposed conversational issues of black students. From this tour you’re going to be able to experience all aspect of black lives here at Kean. From the faculty to the students this tour is going to give others a new perspective of minorities at Kean.  

This tour came to be developed by a group of students who are interested in black lives here at Kean. The first steps of creating this tour was that we had to come up with a creative but also intriguing name that would capture the audience and broadcast what this tour is about. Hence the name BlacKeaning came to be we are going to shed light on the on the issues that Kean black students had to face while attuning this school. Some of the issues that we are going to bring up on this tour may make some people uncomfortable but these are real issues that need to address. I am very happy that this tour is going to happen because too many issues are overlooked and many people are not even aware of these things. . BlacKeaning is going to be great part of Kean history and I can’t wait for others to experience this tour when BlacKeaning is completely finished.


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