Did Black Lives get together?

As a member of the class of History of Black America and a student of Kean University it is my goal and drive to learn about African American student lives here at Kean throughout the years. However, to be more specific it would be lovely to expand the spectrum and learn the communication patterns and relationship between black Americans and black immigrants. It will be interesting to find out if their relationship was cohesive.  Furthering knowing if there were divisions and tensions among the different immigrant groups? Also knowing if there were hostilities between black Americans and black immigrants? Or was there a specific black immigrant group black Americans could not get along with? The findings at the width of the library which contains books, digital magazines, and journals with saturated information I cannot wait to explore. So with this I ask:


Today we stand together

But as it always been our truth

Black, Gold, Orange, and Yellow

It does not matter the color

We are a diverse matter

Who is who?


The accent comes through

So we get along

We fight together

Black lives matter

As that always been the truth

It is my goal to find out

Black Americans

Black Immigrants

Did you ride together?

The Library speaks the certainty

Skipping through the pages

I hope floating to the eyes

Is the reality

Research is the next step

This is what I expect

It has been reflected

Black Lives Matter now

But how about back then

Did Black Lives get together?


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