BlacKeaning: A story of Black Life

Too often we take up history courses where we sit down and have a professor give us lectures; it is no longer the case with a class like this African American course. The main focus of this course is a project in which we are to create a tour of the Kean University campus while highlighting the history of black life at this university. This is a project that will require us to be archivists, researchers, historians, and guides. The ironic thing is, as a student of history, I rarely delve into the history of Kean University. With this project, I have the chance to enrich myself with knowledge of the campus’s history. I will immerse myself into the earliest days of our school’s history from the American Revolution, to Newark State teacher’s College, and onto the present. I will also gain an understanding of how Black lives helped to shape our school. With my group, we will be doing research on many various topics regarding black life at Kean University. We are tasked with highlighting topics such as notable alumni, black faculty, and institutional problems. Through research we will able able to discover Black individuals who attended and graduated from Kean University who were noted and celebrated for their mark on society. We all have Black professors who are providing the knowledge and information necessary for us to become better students. As another group topic, we will be going back through the history of Kean University and researching the Black faculty that have lent their skills to the advancement of higher education. I hope that with our research, me and my group will be able to provide a rich learning experience into the rich history of Black life at Kean University.


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