Illuminating A Past That is Overlooked

Ever since elementary school, I have had strong interest in the Civil Rights movement along with many other aspects of the Black Liberation struggle in particular the one which took place during the rebellious time period of the 1960s and 1970s. From this early interest in history in particular surrounding this era came a principled motivation in taking this course on Black History in America. And although my initial impression of the class was that it would be a traditional course on Black History, meaning based on tests and assignments, I was surprised to learn on the first day of class that the course would in a sense vicarious and based on investigative research regarding primary historical sources, while the final goal being the construction of a real-world historical project which is the creation of an informative tour. In the creation of this tour I personally expect to learn much about a little known and overlooked past in regards to a historically marginalized group in the United States who’s experience challenges the very values that the country perceives itself as a shinning beacon of, while simultaneously helping others to be informed about the same plight. Also, I hope to contribute through this project to the understanding of how the Black community has overcome in particular to Kean University in regards to its oppression and marginalization. While personally learning, and informing others of the trials, and progress the Black community on Kean University I hope to also create a connection between the the issues of the past and those of the present. In doing so I hope to not only highlight the progress that the Black community has achieved in Kean University but to also highlight the issues that are still present today as a result of this ongoing legacy. In essence this project to me is a way of understanding how the past is prologue to the present, and how the present is an opportunity to create a better future, one that is need specially when it comes to racial injustice and racial issues both in regards to Kean University and throughout the United States.


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