“The Blackeaning Tour” (Nancy Thompson Letter Collection)

To be honest I am really excited about the Tour my classmates and I will be responsible for creating.  Throughout my college career here at Kean I have always been exposed to the University’s rich history leading back to revolutionary times.  However, most people including myself have only seen one perspective of that history.  That is the perspective of the Kean family which was a family that was extremely wealthy, successful and most importantly, white.  The idea of this tour is to explore ideas and concepts about the University’s history that aren’t so well known or possibly not known.  This is exciting for me because I will be a part of something that has never been done before at Kean and it will hopefully make a significant mark on campus.

In terms of my research, I am grouped with Alix, Marco and Shalanda.  Like Shalanda said earlier in the blog, we decided to break the work up evenly amongst the four of us.  I am responsible for researching all that I can about the Nancy Thompson Letter Collection.  From what I have learned so far about it, the collection is essentially a huge selection of letters all dating back to WW2.  Nancy Thompson was able to write to as well as receive letters from our brave men and women fighting in the war.  I have not gotten to look through the collection yet but I am eager to do so.  I look forward to finding out all that the collection has to offer including any details pertaining to the war as well as any significance the letters have to our class tour as well.


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