Dear Me,

Monday, March 28 2016

“I don’t really have a distinct feeling as to how my research is going. On one hand, I’m getting some really cool and interesting information, but on the other, I’m not really getting the answer to what I am looking for in regards to the role the black community at Kean played in Student government. I feel as though whenever the topic of race is being discussed, the general assumption is that it has to be negative. It’s like an eerie aura that brings back dark memories of the past saturates the atmosphere. Most of my research was done via one on one interviews, and so far they haven’t been of too much help. I get the strange impression that people are withholding information; It’s either that, or they sincerely don’t have answers.The little information that I did manage to obtain is quite enlightening, and ironically enough, not negative at all. For instance, I had know idea that in today’s Student Government nearly all the student board members are black, but when they first started out back in 1941 most of the members were white. This is a sign of improvement for the black community here at Kean and is surely uplifting. I truly want to tell a good story for this tour, but, if what I come up with isn’t filled with a bunch a drama and controversy, well, that is fine by me. I strongly believe that the topic of black lives shouldn’t always be about racial injustice that creates tension among the general public, but should also be about our accomplishments, and growth. Anyways, still have a lot of work to be done. Until next time”!

Sincerely yours,

Patrick Dankyi


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