The Research Continues…

Over the past month the research I’ve done solely on my own  has unfortunately  been quite inconclusive or otherwise leading me to dead ends. It would seem that, at least to that although there are accurate records of students who have attended Kean University, I simply can’t just click their name and get information about their nationality and ethnicity, I can at least take a guess at what it might be, but that method is largely inaccurate on many levels particularly when it comes to native African surnames.

With that being said, the broader aspect of my research (which would be finding notable black alumni who have attended Kean University (or it’s previous incarnation of Newark State College) has been slightly more fruitful. Although not an Alumni of the college, Vera King Farris was indeed a notable African – American at Kean University who had a the distinction of being the first African American Female president of a New Jersey University, her term of service being held at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

I have not given up however. I had the great privilege of hearing a guest lecture from Dr. James Conyers, a professor of Africana Studies at Kean University at the special meeting of the Beta Kappa Psi Black and Latino Fraternity and the Omega Phi Chi Black and Latina Sorority  here at Kean and I plan on doing an extensive interview with him and try to acquire as much knowledge as I can  concerning his observations and thoughts on the relationship between African American Students at Kean and 1st generation African Students. I also managed to get a few short but detailed interviews with several members of the Fraternity and I plan on conducting more in the coming weeks. I have a strong feeling that this endeavor will prove to be very beneficial for the tour when it is completed.


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