Mother Africa

Black Immigrants and Black Americans

What was the standing of their relationship?

It was the picturesque picture frame, if one may ask

Connecting the four corners let us build the frame


How did black immigrants and black Americans get along?

Let us follow the name


It brought them together

Africa, the mother

This was how the Concerned Black Personnel

Which was occupied by staff

Nurtured its hens

The Black Student Union known today as PASU

Which was an organization known for the students


The Black Student Union had their functions and receptions

Welcoming all aboard each semester

Meanwhile mother hen, Black Concerned Personnel, watched over them

They were also invited to these functions

It was all about unity

As students had something very powerful back then

Prominent in the 1980s



This allowed them to work as a unit

Fighting for the right to have the speakers they wanted

Like Khalid Muhammad

And Dr. Jeffrey


As a student body

Mother Africa brought them together

And Heritage watched them flutter

There was no difference seen in an immigrant nation and America


Shown by the amended Constitution of the Concerned Black Personnel in the 90s

The language changed

Kean College relates to its students as having an African heritage

Not strictly African American

This was a big change

To put into words what was being manifested


The picture has been built

The two corners of relationship

Black Immigrants and Black Americans working together

The other two corners of organizations reaching out to support each other

Black Concerned Personnel and Black Student Union

Stretching hands to create a beautiful picture of unity


This didn’t last as there was strength in numbers

Strength among blacks

They were not seen as black immigrants and black Americans anymore

But a powerful group


The sovereignty among students was taken away

Students today, rely more on the Administration

And less on their own power within the group


There is one thing still standing

This is the African Heritage graduation

It celebrates the accomplishments of students graduating

Consisting of an African Heritage


Mother Africa

Could not hold on to her children


The Concerned Black Personnel was not able to keep

overseeing the Black Student Union

As they continue their reign


The children kept what they learn

Today, there is still unity among blacks at Kean University

The picture still stands

It is framed

Unity Prolongs






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