A Brief Reflection

I just wanted to take a minute to reflect on how far the entire class has come in regards to the first day of the semester.  I have to admit I felt a bit overwhelmed when Dr. Perkiss told us we were going to be responsible for creating a tour this semester.  I have never done anything like this before but I knew that it was going to be challenging.  However, after spending some time in the archives myself researching my topic as well as listening to all of the groups in class present their research, I think we are on a good track to produce a polished tour.  I wanted to point out that before this class, I have never really made use of the archives because I never really knew it was their which is unfortunate.  However I am thankful that I do now because it is a great source for students who need sources about the school and the surrounding area as a whole.  Knowing that now I think will only benefit me when it comes to future papers and projects in other classes.  With that being said, the next week or so is going to be really important.  Our site scripts are due at the end of the week and then soon after that is trial run.  I am anxious about the project as a whole because I know that the history department as well as Erin will be looking forward to the actual tour and they are counting on us to do a good job.  Personally I think that this tour will meet the high standards that we all want it to and also I think that it will illustrate to the faculty how much work the class has put in to it.  Personally I think that this tour has the potential to be bigger than this class and reach farther then Kean just like the tour Black at Brynmawr did.  However only time will tell.  To end this reflection, I wanted say that I was happy to be a part of this class working on this project and I think that whole process was not only a great experience for myself and my classmates but for Dr. Perkiss as well.   I am hopeful for what these next two weeks will bring.  Regardless of the outcome of the tour, I think our research will be a great contribution to Kean University.


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