Its Not Over Yet. There is Always Hope for More

After having some setbacks and starting all over I found what needed to be found. Thankfully we have staff and professors on campus who care enough about this tour to help us out, well I know I was helped. I still have some fine details that need to be worked out and I am still trying to find a way to turn this in to a quick statement during the tour without sounding like I am an auctioneer, I am confident that as of right now I have all the information that is available at the moment. I know faculty students and staff are still wading through the family’s and schools history, correspondence and whatever else is still waiting to be discovered in the archives.

I loved working on this project, I love history so being able to dive into it like this was a dream come true. I loved collaborating with other professors and learning about my schools history, even if the stories were dark and left me feeling more mad then I would have liked. As a history major I know that things were not always right and that often when victors added to history they covered up their wrong doings. I am glad I live in a time where things can’t be swept under the rug and classes like this and projects like this give us a voice to speak up for those who never had the chance. I loved learning about these people and their stories and I am honored to be a part of giving them a voice.

While the semester draws to a close so does our project. We are all working on our final details and drawing up our scripts to do our trial run here on campus. There is still more research that needs to be done, more archives that need to be gone through. But I feel we did an amazing job collectively as a group. I hope this project doesn’t end with us. I hope that it goes on to other students who build off of our research. I hope that something positive comes out of all this and that as the years progress Kean students will have more things and information to add to our initial tour.



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