Surprise in Research

My experience during the journey of making the BlacKeaning Tour has been rather interesting. When the idea of a school tour was introduced as the class curriculum I was both apprehensive and curious to how this tour is going to take place or how the school/ student body at Kean University will react. But now I am looking forward to see how the outcome of the tour.

During my research I have found out some pretty interesting information. My focus on the tour is to cover the Newark State College. As we know, Kean University was founded in 1855 but was named Newark Normal School located on Broadway and 4th St. in Newark. This was the first site designed specifically for the school and only to prepare students to be teachers. In 1913, The school was renamed Newark State normal School after the state took control of the college and then to Newark State Teachers College. I also founded out that 1958 the college relocated to Union Township, where it is presently located. I have discovered so much interesting facts during this voyage. I look forward to more discoveries as I trek through more archives.


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