The Beginning

My point of research was to look into the community of Union Township that surrounds Kean University and being that I’ve practically lived in Union all my life I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to learn more about the town in which I live.  My initial thoughts were that this was going to be a difficult task to accomplish seeing how Union is so diverse and trying to find a racial situation whether being positive or negative that directly correlates with Kean University is not only difficult, but also it’s very specific.  As I dove into the articles and began my research I almost immediately ran into a wall.  As I expected due to Union’s vast diversity there hasn’t been any race related issues none that relate directly to Kean anyways however there were some interesting things I found.  Anyone who lives in Union and attended Union High School or Central 5 know of the black and white sections of the school.  In the case of Central 5 the school was literally split down the middle between the White and Black school and was endanger of being the first town north of the Mason-Dixon Line to be hit with a penalty as a result of segregation.  Back when it was known as Jefferson Elementary, the school’s demographic was a majority black being that the school was located in Vauxhall, which at the time is where the majority of the African American/Black community lived and still continues to live today.  In order to remedy this situation, the school decided to convert the school into a school that hold only students in the sixth grade and changed the name to Central 6 so that students from all over Union would have to attend Jefferson Elementary.  Eventually two more schools emerged being Kawameeh and Burnett Middle School which took place of holding students from sixth to eighth grade and revered Central 6 to Central 5 which exclusively taught students in fifth grade.  Central 5 has recently been under construction and is now reopened to the students.  In the case of Union High school, their cafeteria sections is something that has yet to be addressed which i’m assuming is because it hasn’t caused any real conflicts.  If you look closely above the entrances of the cafeteria, you will notice two plaques above the doors labeled white and black.  Now obviously this was a form of segregation within the school, yet for the four years I had attended Union High School that has never been brought up as an issue.  Mostly because the sections aren’t obviously split between white and black students but rather divided by grades.  Other than these few instances not much has surfaced relating directly to Kean.  Union is a rather slow pace town and not much goes on here.  The most exciting thing that I came across in my research which has nothing to do with anything was this one man in Union who was arrested for attacking two elderly women with a knife in attempts to find and open the gates of hell in his garage, but I guess every town has their crazy person.  My search still continues to find something worth telling in this tour and hopefully I will come across it soon.


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