Unconventional Methods (blog 1)

Initially upon entering this class I thought this would be your typical black history class; one where we focus on civil rights and prominent black figures. To my surprise the class took an unconventional direction. During this semester we are focusing on black lives at Kean past, present, and future. Immediately questions began to pop in my head. How could we construct our own tour? How far back into the past do we go, and  how close into the present are we going to come? Are we going to have enough time and research to even make this a substantial tour? Will this be a controversial issue like race has frequently been? I have never been apart of anything as immense as this. It almost makes me wonder if we will be able to pull it off in this short amount of time, and if we will be able to collaborate cohesively with all of our unique and individual minds. And also, will we be able to tell the stories of these black lives in a manner that truly represents them?

I am very interested in seeing where this course is going to take me. I am interested in learning when black students made there first appearance  and any influences they may have had. When I had to think of some research questions for my group placement  I already knew where I wanted to begin. The area that quickly caught my attention was black lives at Kean outside the classroom. I wanted to know when blacks were accepted on Campus and how the transition was for them? How was dorm life for them and when were they able to stay? What were the white students reactions to them becoming a mixed race school?  I can not imagine what it must have been like to go to a predominantly white school and be one of the handful of blacks to be the first there. Would I be afraid? Would it have been better for me to go to a black college instead?  All of these questions that I am unsure of now I hope to find the answers to in the following research to come.


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