Amazing collections of stories from Harwood Arena to Dorm Life – post by Derek Glean

I have been quietly been hearing the voices of my fellow students in class regarding how the tour is going to be and for the most part, it sounds great. There is a bit of college life and their Greek Fraternities and Sororities, some of the sport groups bad misrepresentation in the yearbook of the time, a bit about Martin Luther King Jr and some of the lesser known speakers that have came to Kean University over at the Harwood Arena, there is a bit about Nancy Thomas and how she connected with soldiers during World War II which is now called the Nancy Thomas Collection; which is dedicated to her work for the many letters that she kept from soldiers from the Kean University and finally (at least to the best of my memory) we have a group that is going to talk at length about the Pan-African Student Union or PASU for short.

I feel that many of the topics that we covered were very good topics and it is very mind opening with some of the information that was found. I am actually more interested about the PASU part of the tour because I feel they made a huge impact on certain University visions. It is also amazing of how the voices of a few can change the degree of flow for the university. While I don’t like to be praising because it is self-fulfilling, I found out from my fellow classmates that PASU had a huge impact in how they were able to build bridges for students and faculties within the University.

Strangely enough, I felt as though the tour could have expanded on the foundation of Kean and how many hands were in involve giving us the university that we have today. I would have loved to have known a bit more about the Kean Family and some of the history surrounding the offering to Eugene Wilkins to being able to build the university where it is now. To be humble, location is key in what you are able to accomplish and what kinds of stories will be able to pop up from it. While I have no gripes about the topics that were pick because they were very fun to listen to and I actually enjoy myself listening in on the many kinds of stories that pop up from Kean University, I just found myself wanting to know more about some of the other histories that may or may not be there within our lovely campus. Our alma mater is “Semper Discens”, which translated from Latin means “Always Learning”. I am always keeping myself curious to be always learning about everything and anything that comes my way.


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