Teamwork for Tour-work.

Yesterday was the test run of The BlacKeaning Tour. I must say that I am very proud of my fellow classmates and proud of how this project turned out. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I was kind of apprehensive about this project. But now….. I am very excited to see the end results. Hearing everyone’s skit made me think of all the hard work we all put into researching our topics and how many times most of us knocked on Erin’s door for archiving help. By the way, I hope she gets some kind of recognition since she was of tremendous help and alway willing to share any information that we could benefit from to prefect or research. It also made me think of the beginning of the semester when Dr. Perkiss introduced this project to the class and how everyone seemed puzzled. I’m more than glad that I stuck it out, although I was a tad bit disappointed of the  change in curriculum at first. Now, I see it was all worth it. As I reflect on yesterday’s test run, I am wearing that “proud mom” smirk. I must say GREAT JOB CLASS!!!!!


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