BlacKeaning Research Process

For the first time in life I experienced real life research. Research for the BlacKeaning tour was not easy I ran into a lot of road blocks. My goal of the BlacKeaning was to research Kean alumni. I started out very excited about this I thought I was just going to be able to find some random Kean alumni and they were going to be open about telling their story. That was not the case. During my research I starting with going on Facebook and going to the Kean university alumni page I wrote several post urging anybody to get in contact with me so they could share their story. Unfortunately I never got any response. I didn’t let that slow me down my next step was to get into contact with Kean university alumni association. This is where I was able to gain a new lead. I look through the yearbook and I look at the different clubs African Americans were in and I got their information and I reach out to them. This is where I was able to do phone interviews with some alumni. Originally I thought I was going to get a lot of stories about how Kean was racist and how they had a bad experience at this school. But I didn’t I actually got positive stories about Kean and how being at Kean added to their success post grad.  So with this information I change the way I was going to present my research instead of talking about the bad experience as an African American student at Kean I wanted to highlight the good and show how Black excellence is important. I feel that by participating in this tour it made be a better researcher.


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