BlacKeaning tour experience

BlacKeaning tour shows the amazing lives of African Americans and their history with Kean University. During this tour we talked Greek life and some of the founder of those organizations. We also talked about the history of the hardwood arena and how we had influential speakers such as Martin Luther King Jr. who spoke at hardwood arena. We also learn the history of the Nancy Thomas Library we learn that Nancy Thomas kept letters from soldiers during World War II. Another group we talked about was PASU which is the black student union here at Kean University. This group is very influential here at Kean they connect all different nationally of black descent together. They are known for bring awareness to the issues that black students have at Kean University and  they have  a lot of knowledge on many African American s contributes here at Kean. During this tour I found to be the most interesting was the sculpture of Martin Luther King Jr. Prior to this tour I had no idea that this sculpture was even here on campus. I learn that there is controversy about the location and design of the sculpture. I have to agree with this because the sculpture is located in the back of the library outside and this is not a place that a lot of people can actually see it. For it to Martin Luther King Jr. who had a huge impact on the black civil rights movement this sculpture should be in a better spot so it can be recognized  more .Also the way it was design wasn’t very good  the sculpture doesn’t really look like MLK. In conclusion I am very proud and happy on how the tour turn out and I believe this should be take place again next year because I feel a lot of people can learn and be inspire  by the BlacKeaning tour !


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