The Illumination

After an entire semester of researching the topic of the historical background of Black History on Kean University, specifically pertaining to dorm life and social cohesion on campus, the information uncovered is finally organized for presentation. The information uncovered in regards to this topic will provide the listeners of the tour with background information on when and how Kean University initially acquired dorms in the 1960s. Furthermore, it will inform the listeners on how the dorms impacted the life of African-Americans on campus in particular in regards to racial issues. This is best demonstrated by providing information acquired from a first-hand account via an interview of one of the former students who lived in Kean University’s dorms  during the 1970s. Furthermore, other information provided includes statistics that clearly show how college programs such as EOF were implemented and which in turn helped African-Americans and other people of color to gain more opportunities to study at the school  and as a result populate the dorm life at a higher rate. Also, it will be noted most importantly how these programs which lead to an increase in the numbers of people of color who attended Kean University in the 1970s was a direct result of the nationwide social movements that were demanding equal rights for racially marginalized people. All in all, after successfully organizing all of this information, it was in turn presented a few times during tours in order to what I am hoping lead to an inspire audience, one that not only gained a better understanding of a little known aspect of Kean University, but that is still meaningful this very day, and therefore could use inspired people to contribute in its affairs.


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