Walking Tour

The overall experience of creating this tour has been difficult at times but ultimately very rewarding. At first, this class was intimidating since it was not a traditional lecture style class but instead made each student dig into the history of black life at Kean. I ran into a few obstacles in my portion of the project, which was dorm life. My idea for the tour was to interview a former student of color about their experience at Kean, this turned out to be harder than expected. I began by going through yearbooks and identifying people of interest that I could reach out to and hopefully speak with. This then led me to the alumni office to contact these former students, which were collected from the yearbooks of 1965 through 1975. Although none of the people I identified in the yearbook and reached out to responded to my emails, I eventually got to interview a former student through the help of my classmate. The interview I did with the former student went well and gave me what i needed to make the dorm life section of the tour compelling. As stated before this class at first seemed intimidating, but it really gave me a look into the research historians often have to do and ultimately gave me a better outlook on black life at Kean Universtiy.


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