A Tour Fulfilled

Once again, I had the slightest idea of what would come of this tour and if we would really be able to make it happen in a way that truly represented the black individuals that we were speaking of.  Now that it has been completed and fulfilled I honestly think that we as a class came together very well. I know that this was a pretty big deal and we as a class have done a considerable amount of research to pull it together, but it hasn’t hit me yet. But I am extremely proud of the progress that we made. I really enjoyed our discussions and the way this project really brought the class together. I did not know anyone before I came to this class, and now I feel like I am leaving knowing that I have a acquired a few friends over the semester. This process and journey has been a major part of my growth as an individual through the research, communication, students, and the reflection of every step through this project.

Now when it comes to the actual tour, it was nice. I wish I was less nervous and that I spoke with a little more conviction. I also wish that we had an audience that seemed more interested in what we had to say. As we were walking from one spot to the next I heard a women say I’m sorry that the tour is boring. Then again maybe that is something that has to be fixed; being more involved in communication with the individuals on the tour and speaking to them about the process and the research we did to get here so they get the full impact of the work and dedication that was put into it. I also like the idea of a commentator like what Marcus was doing it really made things more interesting.

For the future of the tour, I just really want it to expand into something great. As I was doing my research I realized there were so much more things that I found that I wanted to share. So much more stories that I wish could have been told. I really like the idea of turning it into a digital tour and really elaborating on the material and the process that helped developed the tour to begin with. And if there are future classes that take this class just to add to it, I really wish they find a wealth of information to make this tour even more outstanding so that people can see the amazing contributions that black students have made in the  past and the ones they are making presently. I also hope that  this inspires people from other cultural backgrounds to come up with their own tour.


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