Having and getting to be in this black history class was very fun. I never been in a class where it was so different from the aspect of the students really had the power. The tour was our tour and we were in charge of every little thing. Our grades were also more determined by us also. The interactions with each other during class or during our meetings opened my eyes to a whole bunch of different ideas. I think this semester was a success even if we present our tour or not.



This project has been very interesting and at first I really didn’t think that I would be able to get the information that I needed but it all worked out to a certain extent. Even though I did not get a chance to gather as much information like I would have liked to I got enough for me to complete my part of the project. What I found very useful was that I was able to find an old newspaper and it gave me some of the quotes form the speech that Dr. King gave when he came to Kean University. Looking at the old resources that the school has on its own history was very intriguing also. Sometimes it was very hard and frustrating getting my information but I think it all worked out very well.

We all are the same

Ever since I was young I never understood why people were racist and had problems with others who don’t exactly look like them. The color of someone’s skin should not define who that person is and what they stand for. ¬†With this project I am looking forward to learning how the class puts all of its parts together in order to make this a success. The incident that occurred last semester shows that there is still a problem with race and its not only the older generations but people of the younger generation also. I hope with this tour that we are going to give it sheds light on the history of African-Ameericans at the schools and helps those who do not understand not only the importance of African-Americans but sheds light on how we all are equal.