What is the Blackening Tour?

The BlacKeaning Tour is a tour that is going to explore topics that most people wouldn’t talk about on a normal basis. The tour will cover topics like African Americans and the hardships they had to endure to be successful here at Kean University. In this tour you will see the history of the multiple organizations that we have and how certain African Americans have helped make some of these organizations successful. This tour will help you experience a multitude of black lives at Kean University. Hopefully this tour can help open eyes wide about African Americans and their greatness.

The tour was developed by a group of about 15 to 20 students that were interested in black lives and black history. In order to get the tour and plan in motion, we had to create a title that would entice yet inform our tourists to even want to see what the tour is about. The title that the group has come up with was the BlacKeaning. We are going to shed light on the issues that we are going to be researching. Because the subject matter is so broad, we have decided to be split into sub groups that represent each topic that we would like to touch on.

I’m actually happy that this tour is happening because I feel as though, even while we have these groups that are deemed to represent black lives, that’s in the present and we need to be educated on the past because without the past there would be no present. The BlacKeaning will be a part of Kean’s history and knowing that I was a part of something so inspiring makes me feel great.


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